I welcome you to Aflogue Lifestyle blog! This marks the beginning of our new communication channel that aims to keep smart online shoppers from all industries and across the world to be updated about the opportunities that lay just before checkout in any of their online purchases.

Some of the enlightenment are consumer information around product or services in niche industries, review information on products and services by experts with prior involvement with the target products and services, serving of information on deals and offers thus helping shoppers to get smart just before their online checkouts.

Over 2015 alone, it was estimated that 1.2 billion online shoppers will spend 1.4 trillion dollars online. Aflogue has been helping a certain smart percentage of them by serving limited time deals and discount codes/vouchers from 24 million genuine online stores and marketplaces as well as accessing reviews, informed listings and subscription to niche newsletters.

Aflogue Lifestyle has a newsletter that is published weekly and sent in digital version to its lucky subscribers via email. The newsletter covers the latest trends in fashion, health, beauty, sports & leisure, travel, tech and more.